Gokuldhaam Gau Seva Mahateerth

Recently, I went to the Gokuldhaam Gau Seva Mahateerth with my family.

This is a hospital for the treatment of cows and other cattle, located on Gurgaon-Jhajjar road,Dadri Toye in Jhajjar district of Haryana. There are a large number of Gaushalas in our country where cattle are kept in good care but this is a new idea for the service of the cow which is considered as Gaumata and worshipped in India.

Here I will elaborate few important facts about this hospital:

  • It is the first cow hospital in whole of Haryana.
  • It was started by Shri Sunil Nimana in the year 2013 on approx. 3 acres of a leased land.
  • They have excellent facilities and a dedicated team for the treatment of cows. At present, 25 qualified veterinary doctors and about 90 other staff are employed.
  • Thousands of sick and injured cows and other cattle are brought here and given excellent medical treatment. Present capacity of the hospital is about 1000 cattle. So far, more than 30000 cattle have been treated in this hospital.
  • Many a times, difficult cases have been referred here even from the Govt. veterinary hospital and managed successfully.
  • The cattle are tagged in order to maintain proper records.
  • They have 8 Ambulance vans to fetch the injured or sick cows from within a radius of approx. 200 kms. Anybody can report a sick or injured cow at their ambulance number 8816809191.
  • Newly born calves whose mother dies are fed milk with bottles till they are grown up to take the fodder.
  • On our visit we saw cattle with variety of problems like some with broken limb, acid burns, petrol burns, road accident, etc. There was one cow who had eaten a lot of metal along with garbage. The staff told us that recently they operated another cow and removed about 1.5 kgs of metal and 7-8 kgs of polythene from a her stomach.
  • After treatment, the healthy cattle are sent to Gaushalas or given to any willing person who wants to take care of them.
  • This hospital is run privately with the help of public donations. You can also make your contributions for the welfare of cows. Shri Sunil Nimana can be contacted on his personal no. 9813820938.

I am posting few pictures from my visit to the hospital.

A must visit for any cow lover or animal lover.

About Dr. Nikhil Aggarwal

I am a doctor by profession, resident of Gurgaon, Haryana. I want to enjoy every moment of my life and face the challenges as they come. In my view traveling is one of the best ways to detoxify our mind, body & soul. Wherever I go I try to explore the destination as much as possible. Recently, I have started writing and sharing my experiences & knowledge through my blog. I have also started my YouTube channel DocTalks- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVAQO26Je-2-d_Jx7uN0LVA
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