Frequent Routine Dental Care is Protective Against Pneumonia


For most of the people health is the last priority in life. We keep on postponing health issues unless it becomes a real hindrance to our routine activities and work. Routine health check are considered just a waste of time. Many people think it simply as something advised by doctors to make easy money.

Routine dental checks are nowhere in the list unless there is bad tooth-ache. But we all need to change this mindset. Life threatening diseases like cancer can be diagnosed in very early stages and treated in much better way, if we go for routine health checks at least once or twice in a year.

According to a recent analysis, twice-yearly dental check-ups appear to protect against developing pneumonia compared with less frequent dental visits. The findings further support the link between poor dental hygiene and bacterial infection. There may be a relatively simple intervention, routine preventive dental care, that can assist in achieving pneumonia prevention.

In the study, compared with persons who visited the dentist at least twice a year, persons who had dental check-ups less than once a year had a 49% increased risk for pneumonia and persons reporting never having visited a dentist had an 86% risk.

Even in healthy persons, small quantities of saliva can aspirate into the lung. The content of that saliva depends on one’s overall oral health. If there are pathogenic bacteria, this could cause pneumonia.

It’s good to not forget the teeth as part of the whole body and a component of wellness. Frequent dental care is something that patients can do themselves to reduce their risk for many related illnesses.






About Dr. Nikhil Aggarwal

I am a doctor by profession, resident of Gurgaon, Haryana. I want to enjoy every moment of my life and face the challenges as they come. In my view traveling is one of the best ways to detoxify our mind, body & soul. Wherever I go I try to explore the destination as much as possible. Recently, I have started writing and sharing my experiences & knowledge through my blog.
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  1. Vijay says:

    An eye opener , worth following

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