A different Bucket List !!

Magazines and internet are full of various types of Bucket lists with some great suggestions on what to do and what not- be it for your college life, family life, party, travel, shopping, and everything one can imagine. And many of them are actually helpful but still most of them go around similar plots and advises.

Few weeks back while reading HT Brunch I stumbled upon quite a different kind of a bucket list, and I wanted to share it with my readers. It enlists things you must do, which will surely make you happy from within, irrespective of your age, gender, or whether you are travelling or just doing your daily job. So, here’s it.


  • Vocalise your feelings. Most of us keep hurting ourselves in order, not to hurt others. But most of the ‘others’ are never worth it. If you hate something, say so. If you are annoyed, explain why.If you are angry, don’t pretend all is well.
  • Love yourself. Before you want to do any good for your loved ones, you need to learn to love yourself. Spend some alone time, be it at home or you may plan a solitary travel to any place you wish. You will get time to think, to clear your head, to decompress, and to prove to yourself that, actually, you are quite good company.
  • Acquire a new skill. Learn anything that you always wished for but couldn’t get time out of your mainstream profession. It doesn’t matter what you do so long as it is completely new. It could be music, language, dance, sports or anything in the world.
  • Fight your fears. Do something adventurous you were always afraid of (obviously, with necessary precautions). Could be deep sea diving, high roller coaster ride, paragliding, etc.
  • Do something good for a stranger. Most of us give something to our servants, maids, driver, watchmen, etc. for the name of charity but somewhere in our mind we have the feeling of getting better service from them in exchange. Do something for the benefit of someone in need who is a complete stranger and you don’t have any intention of a favour in future.
  • Health is Wealth. Everybody has heard this a million times but how many of us actually care? Well it’s never too late. Start taking charge of your health and of your loved ones’ too. Take up exercise in any form you like, be it yoga, swimming, jogging, dance, or just a short walk. Incorporate healthy lifestyle changes like using stairs, not using vehicles at least for short distances, and very importantly taking count of what you eat (and also what you don’t !!)
  • Catch up with your old buddies. Don’t hesitate. Don’t wait for them to make a start. It will give you immense pleasure and the feeling of doing something you always wished for. Catch up on their life, tell them about yours. Bring alive the memories of the days when you thought anything was possible.
  • Make new friends. It is not as hard as it may appear. Infusion of new blood in your social circle can only do you good. So reach out to the colleague you’ve never paid attention to, the neighbour with whom you have only a nodding acquaintance, the solitary walker you see in the park every day. The connections you spark may end up breathing fresh blood into your life.
  • Learn and Teach. We all have some special skill. It might just be a different way to do any routine activity or our professional skill. Whenever you get a chance, try to pass on your skill to someone else directly or through social media. People might not be receptive initially but at some point you will surely get someone worth teaching. And same way try to learn something from everybody you meet in life. You don’t know when you might need to apply that knowledge.
  • Learn to say no. Life is too short, and it is getting shorter every minute. So, don’t waste a minute of it doing something you don’t want to just because you feel pressured by friends and family. Never mind whom you end up offending; just say no.
  • Spend quality time with your kids. Soon they will get busy with work, and acquire families of their own. And then you’ll be lucky if you see them once a year.
  • Cultivate your inner resources. As you grow older, people will move away, your children will be busy in their lives, your colleagues will move on. So, make sure that you learn the art of enjoying living with yourself. Instead of constantly craving company learn to live with your books, your music, your inner thoughts.
  • Relish your childhood memories. We all have best memories from our childhood. Do things that you loved doing as a child. Watch your favourite cartoons, play those video games, splurge on your favourite ice-creams and candies, spend time with your childhood photo albums.
  • Travel out hard. Yes, travelling is and will always be one thing that can charge you up in any phase of life. Somebody said, ” Go out to some place every year where you have never been”. Instead of just covering the sight-seeing points, explore the place, the food, local culture of the place you are travelling to.
  • And most important of all, take stock of your life. Take a good, hard look at all that you have accomplished; and all that you have failed to do. And then, start the journey of your life afresh.  Don’t regret for anything. But try to make things better which really matter to you.

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About Dr. Nikhil Aggarwal

I am a doctor by profession, resident of Gurgaon, Haryana. I want to enjoy every moment of my life and face the challenges as they come. In my view traveling is one of the best ways to detoxify our mind, body & soul. Wherever I go I try to explore the destination as much as possible. Recently, I have started writing and sharing my experiences & knowledge through my blog.
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1 Response to A different Bucket List !!

  1. Vijay Aggarwal says:

    Very useful article. Though simple thing and we know well but just keep on procrastating. Just the one; take care of your health is the item we must implement immediately .

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