Some ‘FIRSTS’ you might like to know

  • First country to print book – China
  • First country to issue paper currency – China
  • First person to sail around the world – Magellan
  • First space-craft to reach on Mars – Viking I
  • First country to win World Cup football – Uruguay
  • First man to draw the map of the world – Anaximander
  • First country to issue stamps – Britain
  • First Indian to win the Nobel Prize – Rabindranath Tagore
  • First Indian to travel in space – Rakesh Sharma
  • First Chinese traveller to visit India – Fa-hein
  • World’s first web server – A NeXT Computer at CERN
  • World’s first website –
  • World’s first motorcycle – Daimler Reitwagen
  • World’s first X-ray image – Röntgen’s wife’s hand and ring
  • World’s first computer mouse invented by – Douglas Engelbart



About Dr. Nikhil Aggarwal

I am a doctor by profession, resident of Gurgaon, Haryana. I want to enjoy every moment of my life and face the challenges as they come. In my view traveling is one of the best ways to detoxify our mind, body & soul. Wherever I go I try to explore the destination as much as possible. Recently, I have started writing and sharing my experiences & knowledge through my blog.
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    Very useful and interesting information

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